Feminine Wash – Is it Good?

17 Mar

Do you feel ‘eww’ every time you get that awful smell from your vagina? Well, you are not the only one. In fact, thousands of women across the world happen to have the problem of terribly smelly vaginas.  The smell is usually attributed to the imbalance of pH in the vagina, which leads to the death of the good bacteria and infestation of the bad ones. This disturbance gives rise to several vaginal/genital diseases and at the same time make the vaginal discharge smell awful.

With the women feeling too uncomfortable about the smell, they tend to use various types of scented feminine washes that not only claim to keep your vagina clean but also masks the smell that feels so disturbing to women and ugly to men. As these scented washes are able to impact a fresh smell to the area, most women feel quite happy using them. But their prolonged use is not something that doctors recommend. If these feminine washes are so good, then why don’t doctors prescribe or prefer them? Well, there are good reasons behind that as well.

They mask the odor

Well, that’s what most women aim at. But that shouldn’t be the real motive. You would want to eliminate the causative agent for the bad odor and not just cover it up with some fragrance because that’s what these scented feminine washes do.

They create bacterial imbalance

The feminine washes offer to ‘clean’ the area, and they do it too thoroughly. And the result is that any good bacteria that existed in your vagina washes off with the bad ones, and your genitals become prone to infections, special yeast infestations that can be harmful to the body.

They disturb the pH balance

Your vagina needs to maintain an acidic nature, and the use of the feminine washes disturbs the pH level as well. The acidic properties lessen making it more susceptible to attacks of harmful bacteria. Regular use of these washes will expose your vagina to bacterial infection for prolonged periods.

They are costly

If you have ever bought v tight gel, you know that they are quite expensive. And they do not last long. So, if you want to use them daily, you need to spend a good amount of money every month on buying the feminine washes. You could invest that in other things to keep the vagina healthy.

They let the secret out

You may feel nice about your vaginal area smelling like a vase of roses, but do you think that’s very natural? Think about your partner or any other person who happens to smell that scent. Isn’t it weird for them that your pussy smells so differently? This will make them think what’s wrong, and soon they will discover the secret that you are so desperately trying to conceal. So, avoid them and try to keep your genitals naturally clean.

In short, feminine washes may appear to be a good prospect if you want to clean your vagina and keep it fresh, but they do not fare very well. Instead, you can choose to use warm water for a gentle, yet effective wash.


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